Doubloon Awards™

Restaurant/Bar Owner or Manager? Does your establishment feature a wide variety of Rum selections?

The Doubloon Awards™ offer an opportunity for competitive differentiation in the service industry market. Award recipients can be announced via media outlets and used for any marketing efforts.  

One of the goals of the Royal Rum Society™ is the introduction and championing of the Rum spirit to the general public. The variety of Rums available in the marketplace is vast with choices  counting in the thousands. 

The Gold Doubloon™ Awards are presented annually and are designed to recognize establishments such as restaurants and bars that feature a wide array of Rums. Criteria is based not only on actual volume of Rums, but the presented varieties/flavor profiles as well. Simply put: Establishments that feature a greater number of rums with the largest definable varietal selections are awarded the highest number of Gold Doubloons - 5. (Doubloons will be awarded solely at the discretion of the Royal Rum Society's™ certified judges based on comparative industry standards).

The Silver Doubloon™ Award recognizes establishments that feature Certified Rummeliers® on staff and are awarded annually as well. The Certified Rummeliers® have been trained to properly elucidate rum flavor characteristics and act as guides for patron's personal rum journeys. An establishment will receive one Silver Doubloon™ for each staff member that has completed the Official Rummelier® Certification program.

For 2019 Doubloon Award™ consideration, please fill out the form below and a Royal Rum Society™ representative will contact you.

Doubloon Awards™ Application Information

Interested in being considered for a Doubloon Award™? Would you like to nominate your favorite rum establishment? Contact us for consideration.

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