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The Royal Rum Society™

The Royal Rum Society™ is dedicated to the identification and enjoyment of fine Rums from around the world and the sharing among members in a judge-free environment. One of the missions of the Royal Rum Society™ is educating the general public about the Rum spirit via the Certified Rummelier® Program. 


Rummelier® Certification - Online training coming in December 2019!

Awarded to individuals for the fulfillment of the prescribed course of study and related requisites prescribed by the Royal Rum Society™ in addition to displaying a mastery of the art of fine rum discernment and elucidation

Doubloon Awards™

Recognizing Establishments with Exceptional Rum Selections

One of the goals of the Royal Rum Society™ is the introduction and championing of the Rum spirit to the general public. The variety of Rums available in the marketplace is vast with choices  counting in the thousands. 

The Gold Doubloon™ Awards are presented annually and are designed to recognize establishments such as restaurants and bars that feature a wide array of Rums. Criteria is based not only on actual volume of Rums, but the presented varieties/flavor profiles as well. Simply put: Establishments that feature a greater number of rums with the largest definable varietal selections are awarded the highest number of Gold Doubloons - 5. (Doubloons will be awarded solely at the discretion of the Royal Rum Society's™ certified judges based on comparative industry standards)

The Silver Doubloon™ Award recognizes establishments that feature Certified Rummeliers® on staff and are awarded annually as well. The Certified Rummeliers® have been trained to properly elucidate rum flavor characteristics and act as guides for patron's personal rum journeys. An establishment will receive one Silver Doubloon™ for each staff member that has completed the Official Rummelier® Certification program.


Official Rum Tasting Journal

Order your Official Rum Tasting Journal here! This journal allows the member to rate and make notes for over 100 individual rums based on specific classifications developed and utilized by Royal Rum Society's Founders and certified Rummeliers®. This journal is a required element for certification of Rumsommer, Rumitasse, Rummelier® and Master Rummelier designations.


Rum Adventures with the Master Rummelier®

Coming soon - Currently, the Master Rummelier® is on the road visiting Distilleries around the world putting together the industry's first travel web-show that focuses exclusively on Rum Distilleries. The folks at the RRS will give you inside information, back stories and reviews in numerous categories about the distilleries....and of course, we'll let you know if the rums fit your individual flavor tastes based on the RRS rating system! Cheers!

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